Adult cam self broadcast


For public accounts, anyone on Instagram can view the live video.

More » Even though You Tube is known for providing all types of videos that are previously recorded, edited and uploaded, it offers a broadcasting feature for live video that you can access by clicking on "Live events" found in the Video Manager of your account.

If you're looking to broadcast something unrelated to gaming, you should choose a different option.While a broadcaster is live, the video appears in the News Feed and on the broadcaster's profile or Page with a "live" indicator.When the live broadcast ends, the video is still viewable on the Page or profile for people who missed the live broadcast.The IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager—the equivalent of Ustream Pro Broadcasting—is a cloud-based platform for the delivery of live video and on-demand content.


Primarily a business-oriented service, IBM Cloud Video is designed for large audiences for event streaming or marketing launches.After your live broadcast, the stream is saved to your account where other people can watch it.


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