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This is especially disturbing since these decisions are binding, so victims have virtually no right to appeal an arbitrator’s ruling.


According to the complaint, National Arbitration Forum (NAF) arbitrators ruled in favor of California consumers in less than 0.2% of all cases (30 out of 18,075) heard from January 1, 2003 through March 31, 2007.“The absence of arbitration provisions in the great majority of negotiated business contracts suggests that companies value, even prefer, litigation as the means for resolving disputes with peers,” explained the authors. Also, as a result of a lawsuit by Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson against several huge banks, Bank of America Corp.“Systematic eschewing of arbitration clauses also casts doubt on the corporations’ asserted beliefs in the superior fairness and efficiency of arbitration clauses.” Based on the data, the researchers concluded that “[l]arge corporations’ assertions that mandatory consumer arbitration is justified because it provides consumers with a superior form of dispute resolution thus appear to be disingenuous.” In fact, most arbitration clauses force the consumer, employee or franchisee to arbitrate its claims while allowing the corporation the option of having its claims heard in court. agreed to drop arbitration clauses in consumer contracts—for a few years, at least. But ultimately, Congress and state legislators must pass laws to restrict the use of mandatory binding arbitration.In some states, they may apply broadly to insurance contracts.


If you’ve bought a car, had a credit card, purchased a computer, used a cell phone, invested in stocks, had insurance, saw a doctor or worked for a large corporation during the last decade, chances are you unwittingly forfeited your constitutional right to access the courts by “agreeing to” mandatory binding arbitration, even though you may not have even realized it. There are 2 other domains that also use an identical Google Adsense account id as es.


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