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That old "Foxtel Download" thing they had a few years ago wouldn't run on 64bit either. What a shame.:( Just speculating here but it's probably because the PC/MAC can push the video to a TV.... I'm trying to get it fairly smooth for sport by matching refresh rate. If it is, I wouldn't be paying for it as a primary platform. Yep all three and some other sports channels (speed, eurosport, fuel....). Anyone know how to get it to sit full screen when you click on a browser in another monitor? For me it is a slightly jittery (if that is the right word?

or that the AFL have already sold the rights for PC/MAC devices to a non Foxtel entity maybe? ), only slightly but enough to be annoying, especially when connected to TV via HDMI.

I found out yesterday on an Apple thread it is available on OS X and PC so it is running on my MBA now. You can only have two devices with it running per account so I've run out! It takes some serious money to make a decent application like this and port it to all these systems. Has anyone worked out how the program "registers" and identifies your PC as one of the 3 devices? Logging in is taking ages and when you finally manage to log in the Live TV just keeps loading and nothing is showing up. It keeps randomly logging me out all the time, and when I log back in it has added another device with the same name.

I was surprised actually that they did Foxtel Go for all major systems like this. I keep getting 503: Service Unavailable error and when the program finally loads into the home screen it's very unresponsive. Logging in is taking ages and when you finally manage to log in the Live TV just keeps loading and nothing is showing up. I'm not too fond of the black bars on the side and bottom of the screen when I'm in full screen.

Very annoying but to answer your question, yes it does work from my end. But when I click to maximise the show inside the Go program, as soon as I click on my main screen to cruse the net, the full screen drops back to the ¼ screen with the channels on the side.

Anyone know how to stop the program from minimising the video feed when I click off it?

I'll update y'all if this happens again, as that was the first time I ever ran on my HP laptop. The latest ones from last round, were just watchable: players faces distinguishable.

It was just bearable, but of course you'd rather view @ your lounge-room TV w/ Foxtel set-top box receiver.


Also Full screen isn't really full either, seems to be a black strip on either side and the bottom, but not the top. I'd emailed Foxtel about it, in response was none the less factual but didn't really help me, I now know though, about the amount of data is used per hour. I have found a solution (well one that works for me) for Win 8/64 Right click on the icon, Run as an administrator. Can't log back in because i've used all the register changes this month.

In regards to the previous post whether HDMI will work for PC, It works fine but as expected, you can't do anything on your laptop/pc when Foxtel Go is maximized on the other screen i.e TV.


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