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The ball caromed off somewhere into right field, as Bernadina just kept haulin’ ass around the bases until someone told him to stop.He’d have been safe at home because right fielder Brian Bogusevic, who spent four seasons as a pitcher in the minor leagues, heaved the ball to the backstop.In the 11th inning of a 4-4 game, with Washington’s Roger Bernadina on first, Kurt Suzuki popped up a bunt.Astros pitcher Wilton López ran into first baseman Steve Pearce, who eventually picked up the ball, but bumped into third baseman Matt Downs while he was throwing.“He hit .500 for a whole month,” Astros catcher Brian Mc Cann said.“I’ve seen this before.” José Altuve isn’t the only current Astro who lived through the 100-loss years—Dallas Keuchel and Marwin González both played in that fateful game against the Nationals as well—but he is the team’s longest-tenured player.Luhnow came to baseball late after spending his 20s and 30s in the business world, and upon taking charge of the Astros, he sold the team’s assets for scrap. The Astros lost at least 106 games three years in a row from 2011 to 2013.

He hit .276/.297/.357 and walked just five times in 234 plate appearances as a rookie, but he was fast and cheap, so the Astros stuck with him as he matured into a decent but limited hitter in his age-22 and -23 seasons.But the 6-foot-3 Springer requires no such explanation—he’s just plain big.By shuffling his batting order, Hinch sent the message that despite his size, Altuve isn’t only a table-setter; he’s the main course.And Altuve didn’t need to be much more than that—Houston had given him just ,000 when he first signed.

In July 2013, the Astros had seen enough to buy out his arbitration years with a four-year, .5 million contract with two team options.Altuve was durable, hard to strike out, and good for 30 stolen bases a year, but he had no power—one home run every 100 at-bats in 20—and, since he thought he could hit any ball within 18 inches of the plate to Mars, and pitchers knew he couldn’t, he never walked.


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