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This achingly beautiful novel is designed to make you feel all the feels.

BUY IT HEREGem grew up taking care of her sister Dixie — they can't rely on their mom and their dad is rarely around.

They come from different countries and lead vastly different lives, but must help each other survive — or destroy one another in the process. She's surviving life in a group home and never saw the point in setting the record straight, until she gets pregnant and has a baby of her own to think about.

BUY IT HEREThis nail-biting murder mystery set in Kenya follows Tina, a Congolese refugee, as she tracks down her mother's killer in the midst of corrupt businessmen, a master thief, and a street gang.

BUY IT HEREFrom meeting her soulmate at age 14 to a devastating cancer diagnosis at 19 to a thriving career at Buzz Feed in her 20s, Erin Chack's book of essays is jam-packed full of both hysterically funny and heartbreakingly poignant moments.

During that time, some people were apparently worried Mr Trump had Pyongyang in his sights, rather than the rights of LGBTQ servicemen and women.


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