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Men and women have different views about going Dutch on a date.‘Going Dutch’ means both parties pay equally for the cost of the date.Nigel is a contributor to the movie documentary ‘Looking for Love’ released in the UK on the 21st August 2015.Please check the official website for screening times and dates.On a casual date a woman can offer to split the bill or take turns buying the drinks but when a man asks a woman out for a standard dinner date she can offer to go Dutch but its courteous to allow the man to pay without making a fuss.If he has pushed the boat out with a high end romantic dinner followed by a night club or late drinks a woman can sincerely offer to go Dutch.



Young women in many urban areas tend to decline accepting men paying or will often insist on paying for the following date.

Should you decide to sign up for the online dating sites I recommend below, be sure to read member profiles carefully as you might come across a lot of fake profiles and women looking for “clients.” Usually, I can spot these profiles pretty easily.



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