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How we are haunted by previous iterations of the city and the people who've been there.There are different ways in which you approach that in Broken Monsters, in part because you are dealing with different social classes and different strata of society.

But I know that there is a lot more to the city than that, and I wanted to dig deeper and get under the skin of it.What brought you to Detroit as a setting for the novel?I was interested in Detroit because it is the go-to metaphor for the death of the American Dream.The kind of journalist who deals in precise detail and who spent a lot of time, as she puts it, “Really developing an ear for how people speak and how they speak differently, and listening for that pull quote.” The dialogue in Broken Monsters is honed to the point that it’s one of the novel’s great delights.

It’s a real achievement, even amid all the drama of a terrific horror-noir thriller with unique supernatural elements.

This idea of there being a world we don't see underneath our mundane world.


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