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Chris, as anyone who's been around Bushcraft for while will know, was very much involved with the desigh of the Spyderco Bushcraft knife.This knife is out of my own collection and was made for me by Chris - but I've never got around to using it.Made in collaboration with Bushcraft 'Living Legend' Mors Kochanski, this knife is much sought after.This particular knife appears to be unused and is just waiting for someone to take it out into the woods !I recently sold one of these models that had a neck sheath and although this particular version has a belt sheath, it would be perfect for 'neck carry'.Blade: 2 5/8" Oal: 6 3/8"Bushcraft model is based on the exclusive design knife that Alan once made for Tamarack Outdoors, some years ago.Unfortunately, because of his extremely busy schedule, Alan could not supply Tamarack with these knives on a regular basis and as a result, these knives are quite scarce. Anniversay model, in a limited edition of 10 numbered knives.These knives were a slightly scaled down version of the original design.

A2 steel with some very nice 'vintage/aged' Stag, plus an unused 'firesteel' in the same stag. This is a gorgeous looking knife with it's handle of 'polished' Reindeer antler, set off by red liners and s/s bolts. ) the size of this knife would be great for wood carving and in the hands of the Bushcrafter, would get pretty much every job done apart from batoning wood.

I would describe this as a 'extended' version of his Neck Whittler that he makes from time to time. These early Normarks however, garnered high praise for their edgeholding and razor sharpness and I have had customers who say they were the best knives they ever had ! What a lot of people don't know is that in the beginning, Ray & Alan came up with the notion of numbering these Woodloes knives.


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