Mike pirate and aom sushar dating websites


Never thought that somebody as beautiful as u could ever exist in this world...can't get enough of u since I watched Yes or No 1 and 2..could u make a part 3 of it?? the moment i watch yes or no movie 1 and 2 ohhh gaddddd im a bit of fallin in love again.. Please try to consider visiting your fans here in the Philippines you'll surely love the crowd. God bless Aom.:) come visit Philippines Aom, i'm from ASP club.

I'm one of those fans who really wanted to see her again with Tina, since I'm TIAOM forever, but I hope that whatever decision that Aom will make in her life or on her career, It may not be what we expected or wanted for her, but Aom has every right to make a decision for herself as long as it makes her happy, I hope we could continue to support her guys. To those who really love Aom Sushar, I hope you guys would not give up on supporting her.



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