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‘Now, we’re coming up on 30 years, I realized maybe the point of the book should be hopefully sparking someone’s memory – and perhaps someone will come forward now.’She adds: ‘Nationally, I think that it has been forgotten – and that was the other reason for writing the book.

It began fading from memory.’Dawn Mendes, left, went missing on September 4, 1988, and her body was found in December off Interstate 195; Rochelle Clifford Dopierala was found the same month in a gravel pit about two miles from the interstate It hasn’t faded from memory in New Bedford, however – a former whaling town with a large population of Portuguese descent.

It prospered through World War I and into the 1920's.

A page from the The Mc Myler-Interstate Company catalog lists the following products designed and manufactured by the company: Steam Crawler Shovels, Gas Crawler Shovels, Electric Crawler Shovels, Steam Crawler Cranes, Gas Crawler Cranes, Electric Crawler Cranes, Steam Locomotive Cranes, Gas Locomotive Cranes, Electric Locomotive Cranes, Barge Fueling Cranes, Special and Broad Gauge Cranes, Stationary Revolving Cranes, Dry Dock Cranes, Pintle Cranes, Shipbuilding Cranes, Cantilever Cranes, Revolving Gantry Cranes, Portal Gantry Cranes, Semi-Portal Gantry Cranes, Roof Type Cargo Cranes, Trolley Type Gantry Cranes, Hammer Head Cranes, Jib Boom Cranes, Coal Handling Bridges, Oar Handling Bridges, Drag Line Buckets, Clam Shell Buckets, Orange Peal Buckets, Fogarty Buckets, Special Large Capacity Buckets, Stone Skips, Car Haulage Machines, Elevating Car Dumpers, Rolling Car Dumpers, Rotary Car Dumpers, Unloading Towers, Coaling Towers, Fast Plants, Special Material Handling Plants, Box Car Unloaders, Skip Hoists, Man Trolleys Gear Blanks, Commercial Machine Work, Turntables, Transfer Tables, Pressed Steel Platforms, Trimming Machinery, Rubber Manufacturing Machines, Mixing Aprons, Tubocol Machinery, Tubular Fuel Plants, Structural Steel (Fabricated), Sand Bins, Screening Towers, Structural Hoppers, Mico-Iron Castings, Hammered and Pressed Forgings, R. Switch Stands Fortunately many documents, records and photographs of the company and its products have been donated to The Bedford Historical Society and are now part of the Museum's collection. This website and all contents is © 2018 Bedford Historical Society All rights reserved.

The Mc Myler-Interstate Company was organized in 1910, thus bringing together engineering and manufacturing talent for the design and manufacture of large crane and material handling equipment.


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    The first 4X computer games were turn-based, but real-time 4X games are not uncommon.

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