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Mr Veil said they deserved damages and compensation of 1.5million euros – £1.3million – to add to ‘significant fines’ against the guilty parties.

Prince William was known to be particularly angry at the humiliation heaped on his wife of just a year when the pictures were taken in September 2012 and has pushed for prosecutions from the start.


French privacy actions usually yield a few thousand pounds maximum – and can often be just a ‘symbolic’ euro or two – with the idea being that the injured party wins morally, and not financially.

All the defendants are charged with invasion of privacy and complicity, but deny causing any damage.

They say the pictures were taken from a public place and were ‘not in the least bit shocking’.

Both photographers have denied taking the photos, with Closer refusing to say who was responsible.

All the parties submitted evidence to the court yesterday followed by discussions in private.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said it could not comment on an ongoing court case or if any damages would be given to charity should they win.



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