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With less than a week to prepare and a few words between professionals the arena was made ready and cleared for the Capitals to host the Championship.

Marsilio in his post game said “We had to let the starters run tonight, they earned it.” He mentioned that “They played their butts off tonight and they deserve this trophy.” Marsilio is often never seen smiling after any games. Tonight he smiled but mentioned that tomorrow starts a whole new recruiting campaign for the 2016 season. They have spent 4 years together which is an Arena Football rarity.


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    The world tells us that the way to know whether two people are "right for each other" is to measure the white-hot physical attraction between the two, combined with the idea of "chemistry" on steroids — their ability to effortlessly have day-long conversations anytime about anything, punctuated by the quick, witty exchanges found mostly in edgy independent comedies.

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