Santa dating glinda

Hit this holiday market for its Scandinavian handicrafts; stay for the candlelit St.Lucia processions and gratis folk-dance performances. Just keep an eye out for the tomten, a mischievous, elf-like creature who’ll make appearances throughout the day.This jukebox musical tracks her long career, including sure-to-please renditions of “You’ve Got a Friend,” “I Feel the Earth Move,” “It’s Too Late,” and more. Frank Baum’s witches returns, bringing with it the riveting backstory of Glinda and Elphaba.The show also goes deep on other characters pre-Oz, including the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion. Roughly 600 designers congregate for this annual high-end craft fest, where the focus is on handmade objects., the rapper owns up to his shortcomings with excruciating honesty.What got less attention was the rest of the album, which addresses issues surrounding black wealth (“The Story of O.After studying at UIC and holding jobs as a CT scan tech, chemical engineer, and volunteer firefighter, Rush pivoted back to music, this year releasing the debut full-length Now in its 12th year and showing no sign of slowing, this adults-only holiday bash sees dozens of drinkers take to the streets of downtown for a day of Yuletide bar-hopping.

They may be known for their half-political, half-hypersexual lyrics, but this hip-hop duo can be goofy, too.Stroll the aisles for smaller items, like blown-glass sculptures and jewelry, or go all out with handcrafted furniture and large-scale paintings by artists on the rise.Heedless of the wind and weather, the CSO’s subscription concerts continue chugging along through December without tinseled programming.Here, they’ll greet a hometown crowd upon their return from the national stage.

, Offerman, a native of Minooka, Illinois, made a strong case for an old-school, hirsute brand of masculinity long presumed dead.The precision, chronological scope, impressive arrangements, and virtuosity on display exceed the expectations of those waiting for yet another version of “Silent Night.” Straight out of London comes this a cappella show, which applies pitch-perfect precision to beatboxing and vocal harmonies.


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    Susan also sat down on the couch to talk to Jimmy about her new FX series Feud: Bette and Joan and the legendary Hollywood beef behind it.

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    When it comes to sex, Katrine can’t be without it, and definitely likes to shake things up with some spontaneity.

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