Scriptural principles for dating

If you need any further help and information from us, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us. We walk along the same path as you in this goal of helping our children understand the importance of courting a mate with a goal of lifelong marriage.Consider the example of missionary Adoniram Judson. He knew he was called to a life of missions and he likewise understood his calling to suffer for Jesus (Mark -38). I have now to ask whether you can consent to part with your daughter early next spring, to see her no more in this world?As was pointed out in the first two sermons, recreational dating is glorified divorce practice. It has an end goal of faithful, committed, lifelong, covenantal marriage.Although David admitted to being in the minority on the “no exception for divorce” position, his point was well received – we can’t run to divorce to save us in times of hardship and pain.I tried to point out that we’ve turned the question about the transfer of responsibility from the father to the groom during the wedding ceremony into a pointless tradition.I pointed out that before we stand before a minister and answer that question, we must be involved in the process and shepherd our children through a gospel lens. Recreational dating is expected on the school campuses, and if a child refuses to “date,” he or she is more often than not, .


His point was that we must understand what courtship means and why we are spending time trying to come alongside parents and families in this series.

It was approached in an unbiblical manner and he suffered as a result. In conclusion, Ric did a good job of explaining the need to make wise decisions and to go about the process of selecting a mate in a manner that honors God.

He likewise encouraged parents to begin now by praying earnestly for our children and their future spouses.

Sometimes we are called as believers to suffer in marriage. As we’ve now come to a conclusion in our courtship series, it’s the desire of the pastors of our church to come alongside you and be of help and encouragement to you.

Below you will find some helpful articles, books, and sermons on the subject.

She was unlike the animals, but she was like Adam – yet different. Drama is often a normality in our recreational dating, and it usually doesn’t end well.


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