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Still other "Boise gang" members were after a fellow member, a wealthy homosexual known as "The Queen", whom they believed was too powerful to be brought down by any other means.It is equally unclear what triggered the investigation. Charles Blanton, who had worked in the County Prosecutor's office until September 1955 and who represented Cassel, the office did not routinely search for homosexual activity to prosecute.

Claiming that those so "victimized" would "grow into manhood with the same inclinations of those who are called homosexuals", the Statesman concluded, "No matter what is required, this sordid mess must be removed from this community." Anonymous calls to the police turning in the names of any man who in the opinion of an observer seemed to pay too much attention to any young male flooded in and the city's gay residents realized that a witch hunt was in full swing.Reportage of the investigation and arrests set off a moral panic in Boise, fueled by incendiary editorials in the city's newspaper.Although framed in terms of "protecting children" from adult predators, the probe was not confined to investigating charges of men having sex with underage boys and some of those convicted and sentenced to prison were found guilty only of sexual encounters with other consenting adults.On November 3, the paper ran an editorial under the headline "Crush the Monster".

In it, the editors called homosexuality everything from "moral perversion" to a "cancerous growth...calling for immediate and systematic cauterization".The reasons behind the investigation are murky and complex.


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