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Her father, known as Rowe, was born in 1896 and joined the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps in February 1915, sailing with the first war contingent for England in May and soon after being posted to the Lincolnshire Regiment.

His 1916 postcard to Ethel describes how was "wounded in the hand" on July 3 and returned to the front to be "wounded in the foot and buried for a few hours" on July 13.

After a hazardous operation, with the airship being blown along at speeds of up to 25 knots, the lifeboat was eventually lowered safely into the sea, complete with all crew, including the cat.

The airship, still airborne, and now considerably lighter, vanished over the horizon.

The British pilot set his course due west, and flew on for some time.

Having made what he thought was sufficient allowance for the distance to the British lines, he put down the nose of his machine and saw beneath him an aerodrome.

The Trent gave the crew safe passage to New York, where they were welcomed as heroes.

Kiddo the cat was especially well received and put on display in a gilded cage in the famous Gimbels department store.

Soon, the Americas crew were communicating with the Trent by Morse code and then by radio.The wind, however, freshened considerably, and so far as covering the ground was concerned he had been making only half the speed shown on airspeed indicator.


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