Xcode iphone icon not updating online dating fat experiment

Update 1 : Turns out this has become by far my most popular post on Medium and is used by many people looking to change their Snapchat location without travelling or jailbraking. You can use this Snapchat location hack to add stories anywhere in the world.I’ve added some updates and clarifications to this post. Here is a post with more details: I recommend you don’t use your main Snapchat account for this. Your better off creating a separate “spy” account for this stuff.


Just confirm and go back to the Debug menu, select Simulate Location again and your custom location should be there.

Earlier on I promised to tell you about some more advanced location tricks.

There is an easy way to fake you location to something specific or fake walking a particular route. Now go back to XCode, Debug menu, Simulate Location and select “Add GPX File to Project”. It may be useful to rename it as you probably will have many of these files.

This method uses a real i Phone and XCode to fake your location on the i Phone.

Don’t worry, even non technical people can manage this.I do think one major challenge with Geofilters remains — how to generate immediate traffic to a website triggered by a filter.



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